Dana Van Slyke, Choral Director
Herndon Choral Boosters


 Boosters Contact Information


Andie Lytle

1st Vice President

Kristy Freeman

2nd Vice President
Julie Frederickson


Chris Overton


Awards Banquet

Booster Social
Tracy Wear

Cheesecake Fundraiser

Concert Flowers
Jenn Solee

Concert Gift Candy

Tracy Wear

Costume Coordinators

Andie Lytle

House Manager

Ice Cream Social
Julie Frederickson
Andie Lytle
Kristy Freeman

Ornament Fundraiser
Kristy Freeman


PTSA Liaison


Kevin Powell

Spirit Gear

Spring Trip

Stage Manager
Jerry Vandenberg

Summer Packets
Jen Solee


Volunteer Coordinator

Kevin Powell


The Herndon Choral Boosters coordinates all of the choir program behind-the-scenes efforts that support each of Herndon’s seven vocal groups throughout the year. As a choir parent, you are already a member of the Boosters.

If you have any questions, please contact Booster President Andie Lytle at andie.lytle@verizon.net

 Be a Choral Booster Volunteer

Everything you see and hear relating to the choir program has a behind-the-scenes effort. Whatever your talents, your help will be welcome.

How can you help the Herndon Choir program? Review the list of activities below, and contact the Boosters President to serve on one of the committees. 

Awards Event — Organize or serve on the committee to set up, serve, and clean up at the annual Choral Awards event. Prepare certificates.
Timeframe: Early June

Cheesecake Fundraiser — Coordinate orders and delivery of cheesecakes. The guidelines for this event are established, have been successfully implemented and will be provided to the coordinator. Event day help- assist in sorting cheesecake orders during school hours.
Timeframe: January - February

Choral Booster Social — Organize an annual social for Choral Booster members.
Date: TBD

Choral Festival — Coordinate events of the spring choral festival at HHS with an appointed festival company. This is a 1- to 2-day event where other high school choirs come to the D.C. area and use HHS as their festival location for their performances and their awards ceremony.
Timeframe: March or April every three to four years

Communications— Publicize choir events to Herndon Pyramid Schools, newspapers, and Herndon High PTSA Newsletter; manage public relations for the Herndon Choral Boosters; work with Webmaster to relay information via the website; and relay info as needed to PTSA Choir Liaison.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Database/Directory — Update and revise the previous year's information  to create a database for the new school year.  With input from the Board, determine if the Directory will be published on paper or on-line. Print, produce and distribute the directory. Provide various pieces of the database to the Volunteer and Trip Coordinators and others as needed for projects (e.g., list of seniors for scholarship e-mails).
Timeframe: August - October, updates as needed through the year.

Dinner at HUMC Scholarship Fundraiser — Organize and/or serve on the committee to set up, serve, and clean up at the fundraiser.
Timeframe: October and April

District Choir Chairman
-Work with Director on the organization and running of the District Festival. Timeframe:Every few years as needed.

Drama/Choir Liaison- Attend drama and choir booster meetings, help coordinate events that cross between the two and draw volunteers from both organizations, especially during the annual musical. Timeframe: Year round, but mostly 2-3 month period closest to the musical.

Hospitality-Concert Flowers— Provide/deliver flowers to concert events and, along with concert night volunteers, sell these items pre-concert  and during intermission, and clean up sales areas after concerts. Event Day help-sell flowers to concert attendees.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Hospitality-Concert Food Sales— Provide/deliver soft drinks and snacks to concert events and, along with concert night volunteers, sell these items pre-concert  and during intermission, and clean up sales areas after concerts. Event Day help-sell food to concert attendees.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Hospitality-Concert Gift Candy— Provide/deliver gift candy to concert events and, along with concert night volunteers, sell these items pre-concert  and during intermission, and clean up sales areas after concerts. Event Day help-sell candy to concert attendees.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Hospitality-Guests— Provide goodies, water, food for visiting ensembles. Provide housing for guests.
Timeframe: As needed-Full School Year

House Manager Responsible for activity within the House during each show. Pre-check video needs, upon approval open the House, work with ushers, video performances, allocate and monitor program supply. Event Day help-usher concerts.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Ice Cream Social — Organize the annual back-to-school ice cream social for the Herndon choirs. This will be held in late August or early September within a week of school starting. The guidelines for organizing this event (including shopping lists) have already been successfully developed, executed and will be provided to you. Event Day helpers needed.
Timeframe: Late August, early September 

Ornament Fundraiser — Coordinate orders and delivery of White House Christmas ornaments. The guidelines for this event are established, and have been successfully implemented and will be provided to you.
Timeframe: October - December

Photography — Take photographs and/or arrange to have volunteer photographer(s) at each choral program (concerts, Cabaret, Musical, etc.); manage photos for public view using Flickr; work with Webmaster to post photographs on choir website, or with Communications Chair External for publicity or public relations materials.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Programs —Design and produce programs for all scheduled choir concerts, Broadway Cabaret, and other events as requested by the director
 (usually 5-7 program designs per year). Timeframe: Full School Year

PTSA Choir Liaison — Serve as contact between the Herndon Choral Boosters and the HHS PTSA.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Room Parents- Plan in school class party or bring in a fun treat. One parent is needed for each ensemble.

Scholarship — Manage the coordinate the annual scholarships scholarship award process. Update and disseminate scholarship applications via classroom and website. Assemble four additional people to review all applications and meet to decide how much to award  to certain students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Herndon HS music department. Committee members needed.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Spirit Gear —Coordinator- Inventory, organize, and coordinate sales of Herndon Choir spirit gear: window stickers, T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Event Day help- sell spirit gear items before and during concerts.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Spring Trip — Coordinate the myriad tasks associated with the annual trip, including chaperoning during the trip. During Trip-chaperones are needed to assist during the trip.
Timeframe: Fall - Spring

Stage Manager— Coordinate the operation of concert and choir events and performances: set construction, set-up, and strike. Set Helpers- build set for Cabaret, break down sets after concerts.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Video — Make a video of each concert for Ms. Van Slyke to use in the classroom as a teaching tool.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Volunteer Coordinator —  Using the database, arrange for volunteers, via Volunteer Spot,  to work at events throughout the year such as; concerts (ushers, concession staff), fundraisers, Districts and banquet.
Timeframe: Full School Year

Wardrobe (Costumes) — Coordinate wardrobe distribution in August and wardrobe collection in June. Seamstresses also needed to sew or repair costumes.
Timeframe: August and June

Website — Maintain current information on the website, www.HerndonChoir.com, including meeting and event schedules, concert programs, photographs, and news and publicity about student activities and accomplishments.
Timeframe: Full School Year

 Benefits Program

Each year we invite Choral Booster members to make a financial contribution to support the HHS choirs. These donations help Mrs. Van Slyke provide opportunities for her students that would otherwise be unavailable. If you choose to make a donation, please make your check payable to Herndon Choral Boosters. Checks can be given to Mrs. Van Slyke or mailed to the Choral Booster treasurer, Kara Rider at the address listed below.

To show appreciation, the Boosters will recognize members donations at the following levels of support:
Contributor - $35
Thank you!

Patron - $50
Name published in the fall program

Silver - $75
Name published in all programs

Gold - $100
Name published in all programs and one free Cabaret ticket

Platinum - $125 +
Name published in all programs and  two free Cabaret tickets
In addition to providing financial support to the choir program, a portion of these funds may be used to help provide scholarships to HHS students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Herndon HS music department.

Herndon Choral Boosters
Treasurer: Kara Rider
1635 Hiddenbrook Drive
Herndon, VA 20170

Your financial support and your participation in the choir program are greatly appreciated!

 Financial Contributors

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donation will help us enrich the Choir program at Herndon High School. Contact Kara Rider Krider1@cox.net if you need a record of your tax-deductible donation.

  Monthly Meeting Schedule

Herndon Choral Booster meetings are generally held on the second (occasionally on the first) Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Choir Classroom. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The monthly meetings begin with the Executive Board, and the Board of Directors meets immediately following, as needed.

Click here to review the meeting schedule.  Calendar

 Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER- No meeting
MARCH-No meeting
MAY, 2012
JUNE-No meeting

 Herndon Choir Booster Scholarship

Seniors-Scholarship Application Available in March

The Herndon Choral Boosters offer a scholarship award to graduating seniors who have successfully--
  •  completed choral classes at least three years while attending high school, or
  •   two years of band/orchestra/guitar and two years of choir for a total of four consecutive years

All classes must be for credit.
In addition, in the next academic year,  the student will enter an accredited educational institution that requires tuition and/or fees.

The scholarship is funded by fundraisers, as well as by contributions to the fund.

Selection criteria, application instructions, and all required forms will be provided in the early spring of the school year in which the scholarship will be awarded.

2014 Recipients
Michael Frederickson
Blake Morgan
Laura Millon
Brooke Nyren
Evie Powell

2013 Recipients
Amy Freeman
Cameron Copeland
Jessica Homet
Paul Morgan

2012 Recipients
Emma Miller-Cvilikas
Kylee Horstman
Nicole Ollerhead
Sydney Gaver

2011 Recipients
Chris Czerwinski
Matthew Frederickson
Sarah Freeman
Hannah Kwon
Andy Raoufi

2010 Recipients

Trevor Morgan
Mary Peterson
Sara Talebian
Joey Truncale

2009 Recipients
Sonya Frostad
Josh Hagstrom
Lauren Hickman
Kate Merryman
Maggie Osburn